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sachs_2015_teamkit_Page_2 Richard Sachs 2015 Cycling Cap

A couple of years ago, Padraig, over at Red Kite Prayer, wrote a great paean to the cotton cycling cap. People have been asking if there would ever be a Richard Sachs cycling cap about as long as I’ve been building bicycles frames. It took me nearly 4 decades, but I finally am bringing a cycling cap to the market. And now I’m bringing another one.

Dig it.

Traditional 4-panel design, one size fits most. Made by Verge Sport.

If inscription is desired, please ask.

$22.00 each. Add To Cart

RSCX Team Issue Courier by BaileyWorks RSCX Team Issue Courier by BaileyWorks

Bailey Works has been an official supplier to the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team for six seasons. New for 2015 is the House Industries—Richard Sachs 253 Courier messenger bag in silver and black. The interior is completely waterproof lined and has four separate compartments for laptops, personal sundries, and snacks. There are also two concealed pockets under the flap for writing utensils, keys, or your smart phone. These bags are supplied with a selection of goodies from Rip Van Wafels, NixFrixShun,  and Twizzlers International LLC Inc. & Sons. All this and a Richard Sachs water bottle too.  BaileyWorks bags are made in New England, and with love.

$160.00 each. Add To Cart

RSCX Team Issue Whalemouth by BaileyWorks RSCX Team Issue Whalemouth by BaileyWorks

A zipper one and a half times as long as the bag gives you access to every square inch of its interior. It features sturdy CORDURA™ fabric. The seatbelt web strap with a heavy duty Rock Lockster buckle eliminates D-rings and swivels. When the strap is buckled and tightened it also acts as a second layer of closure.

$160.00 each. Add To Cart

RSCX Logo Water Bottles RSCX Logo Water Bottles
by Specialized

What can I say about these? New for the 2014-15 cyclocross season, with design work by House Industries, these Specialized’s Purist™ MoFlo (22 oz.) water bottles carry the same Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team livery introduced in 2013. Easy to open, effortless to use, and leak-proof when closed, with Purist™ technology for clean, pure refreshment.

$27.00 (set of 3). Add To Cart

DSC04763 Richard Sachs Logo Bar Tape by Cinelli

Finally, a tape that gives you grip in the wet or with sweaty hands. This Volée RS Logo tape from Cinelli gives you total control, comfort, and high style. Tennis racquet style material that’s like leather, is shock absorbing, and yields a firm grip. Includes plugs, finishing strips and enough tape for a full drop bar.

$36.00 each.

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Richard Sachs Logo Tall Socks Richard Sachs Logo Tall Socks

I am growing the business atmo. For many, many years, my interest in sponsoring the RS ‘Cross Team has been equal parts sporting outlet, testbed for new ideas, and a family gathering rolled into one. As a result of the past several season’s R+D, I have made decision to increase my commitment to the program. The socks are now taller – period. Made by Verge Sport.

Adult Sizes. $10.00 per pair (that’s the low, low price of $5.00 per sock, shipping not included)

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DVD Cover “Imperfection is Perfection” DVD

For nine months in 2007, film maker Des Horsfield made a documentary about bicycle frame builder Richard Sachs. Horsfield’s film takes an intimate look into the life and mind of the bicycle frame builder as Richard Sachs talks about why he does what he does, exactly as he does it. The story reveals his reasons for entering the frame building trade, how and why he works only with steel, and why the entities of Sport and Bicycle have remained inseparable to him.

Check out the trailer at Des Horsfield Productions.

$30.00 each. Add To Cart

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