General Housekeeping

During the spring and summer of 2015, I sent a Word doc via email (the default method of correspondence for all of my business missives) to everyone on my list. It was to double and triple check each person’s commitment to his/her order. A thirty day window was given so that a copy of the doc could be printed out, signed, and returned to my Post Office box. I left the box open six months longer than intended just in case some were slow to respond.

Folks who didn’t reply were emailed twice more after that. Folks whose emails bounced were emailed twice more after that.

As of today, 15 June 2016, I am no longer accepting new orders. My current list consists of the people who signed and returned a hard copy of the Word doc to me. Of course, I’ll be fulfilling these existing commissions. But after that last person’s bicycle is made, well…

Oh and by the way, I am not retiring. Just. Stay. Tuned. Huh.

Thank you very much.

PS See this link to brush up on my Terms of Business and related information.

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