Little Jewels All In A Row

The transition continues according to my opinion. And to endure it, I’m bundling more RS cast frame building parts for sale in an effort to lighten the invoice I get next month from the Mayflower Moving Company. On offer today, Friday the 13th of May, is a two-pack of Piccoli Gioielli dropouts. Until further notice and by replying to this post only, all eight parts will be delivered to your door for $100. Note: this price is good for all CONUS addresses. If you’re watching from a foreign land and are interested, I’ll be happy to quote S+H.

How to buy? Send a $100 PayPal to In the checkout memo, mention your choice of rear dropout angles. 64 degrees, 68 degrees, and 72 degrees are the options. PS Remember it’s $100 for two sets of front and rear dropouts, $200 for four sets, $1000 for twenty sets, etc etc blah blah…