RS Logo Tape Special Offer

Special, one time (now) offer, limited sale with special sale pricing (lower than normal according to my opinion) on the best handlebar wrap in the Western world. Normally (on any other given day, as in when I’m not hustling to reduce some inventory I’d rather not throw into the U-Haul…) the cost is $36 plus S+H.

For now, or until I delete this page, all parcels will be a fixed $30 and that includes shipping in the CONUS. Here’s the description of this wonderful item:

Finally, a tape that gives you grip in the wet or with sweaty hands. This Volée RS Logo tape from Cinelli gives you total control, comfort, and high style. Tennis racquet style material that’s like leather, is shock absorbing, and yields a firm grip. Includes plugs, finishing strips and enough tape for a full drop bar.

The rub? Any color except black. Order blue, white, yellow, or red. How to proceed? Send a $30 per carton via PayPal to and I’ll pack a roll or three up for you. The more I sell, the less I load. Hey – thanks.