Verge Purge 2.0

The relocation and skin-shedding continues according to my opinion. Now on offer are 4-packs of RS logo House Industries designed socks made by Verge Sport. The price for four pair (that would be 8 individual socks) is $40. One size per 4-pack; no mixing/matching. This price includes S+H to all points on my continent. And if you’re from somewhere else, I’ll get you for USPS International First Class postage. All orders will arrive with two (2) files from my no-longer-used-or-needed collection of tools. Note: I’m not done, or retiring. We’re moving, and I have to find delightful, elegant, and time-proven methods to lighten my load. This offer is good until I’m down to less than four pair of the same size socks. And I’ll let you know by reply if you’re too late! PS For the arithmaticlly challenged, $80 will get you eight (8) pair of socks and four (4) RS files, $120 will get you twelve (12) pair etc etc etc…

Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large.

To order, send a PayPal for $40 per 4-pack to .