week eight atmo redux

I took the weekend off from racing to catch up on life in the woods but I still have a few links to pass along. The best news is that on Saturday, Dan Chabanov got the RS ‘Cross Team its first win of the 2011. In doing so he also becomes the New Your State ‘cross champion in the Elite category. Cyclocross Magazine has a nice story on the event that has some wonderful action pictures of Dan. Forza Chabmo atmo.

Dan also was the subject of an online article on Bicycling dot com and gave a tutorial on applying embrocation. Have a look.

The RS hats made by Verge Sport have been a huge hit and I sold through the first 100 in less than a week. More should arrive on Monday (tomorrow). Padraig wrote a nice story about the caps on his Red Kite Prayer site.

My week eight set on Flickr was added to after the race weekend in Northampton. Many of the action shots were taken by pal Tayler Dube. I also found this gem of a picture (of Josh Dillon) while surfing. It was taken by Pete Banach of nearby Worcester, Massachusetts. I also found these race shots on Pete’s SmugMug site:

The Three Amigos
Josh “at speed”
Christian “converting a turn”
Me “enjoying a cup of dark roast”
Me “having a second cup…”

We’re off to Long Island this coming weekend so I will be in touch later atmo.