atmo for the money

From this point forward, all Richard Sachs lugs styles (5 different sets in steel and stainless steel) will be sold WITH the parts shown in the two pictures immediately below. I have partnered with Paragon Machine Works to include their stainless steel cable adjuster part CS1013 with all my lower head lugs that have the threaded cast in port on each side. Additionally, the Campagnolo 1072 8mm seat post binder bolt will now be shipped standard too. Further to this, all of the bolts that I send out will have a special sized stainless steel washer that better fits the counter-bore in the lug ears. The Campagnolo washer is discarded because it hasn’t been a standard size, nor has it been updated, since the 1980s atmo. Lastly, I tap ALL female side threads with a 6mm X 1 tap for a better fit. The price(s) of the lug sets remains unchanged but the parts described here are now included in the transaction.