Our Team

This is not my team, it is our team atmo.

Now that I have your attention, thanks so much for letting the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team into your inbox and world as these routine emails resume for another season. It’s true that I am attached at the hips to this organization. The Cliffs Notes is that this group began life in the late 1960s as the Connecticut Yankee Bicycle Club. In the mid 1970s, as the boundaries between the terms amateur and professional were being dismantled, many Olympic sports began to allow athletes and teams to be sponsored. In the beginning, many cyclists were racing with commercial ties to bicycle industry brands. By the time the games were held in Los Angeles, most of the peloton were representing firms which made household products, or by car companies, or chain stores, or candy makers, blah blah yada yada. When I started racing with CYBC in the 1970s, we were sponsored. I learned from day one where the lines were, who was responsible for keeping the team well oiled, and where my allegiances belonged, for without sponsorship, none of us could make it from one race weekend to the next.

A period in the early 1980s saw our little group with a dwindling support system. It was during that time that I decided to switch over from being one of the racers in the squad to taking the reigns and sponsoring the riders with my frame making business. This year, 2009, is the 37th contiguous year that there has been a Richard Sachs Cycles supported team. Over the generations we have had scores of racers as well as dozens of industry and non-industry firms helping to keep the organization in place.

About 15 years ago when the focus switched from road to cyclocross, the team began its slow and steady rise from being a regional club with very good racers to a nationally known group whose focus is completely and inseparably tethered to the autumn schedule. ‘Cross Fukcing Rules Atmo, and it rules for us because of you, and you, and you. This team could as easily be called the Challenge Tires Team, or the RGM Watches Team, or the Radix Team, or the Rex Chiu Team (I’ll stop here since I know you get the picture) because all of these entities, as well as a host of others, are what keeps the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team alive, fueled, equipped, in the black, and inspired. We race for you atmo. Thanks to all the sponsors and patrons, past and present. Without these firms and folks in the background, we’d be nonexistent. Having said all this, I am proud to list the sponsors (and links where appropriate) who are the backbone of the ‘cross campaign for 2009. Note: I expect this list to be added to in the next few weeks, and when it’s complete, I’ll revise it). But (drum roll…) for now –

RGM Watch Company
Radix Group
Rex Chiu
Rajanaka Yoga
Challenge Tech (tires)
Oval Concepts (stems, handlebars, and seatposts)
Cane Creek (brakes and headsets)
Cole Products (wheels)
Wippermann (chains)
Rudy Project (eyewear and helmets)
Crank Brothers (pedal systems)
Bailey Works (luggage)
Verge Sport (apparel)
Joe Bell Custom Paint (well, paint duh…)
Svelte Cycles
The Fat Men (no, that’s NOT a misprint atmo)

Don’t fall asleep yet I am almost done atmo. In keeping with the tradition of pointing readers of these missives to links and stories that relate to our little community, I’m happy to supply two recent and SUPERB interviews that regard RS ‘Cross Team alumni, Justin Spinelli, and his not-so-new venture, Svelte Cycles. In the past 2 weeks, Justin and Svelte have been covered by Pez Cycling news as well as in The WashingMachine Post. Enjoy these two reads atmo:

Pez Cycling News
The WashingMachine Post

In the coming weeks I will continue to update the sponsor and support system list of names and I will also be pasting in texts from the various firms and peeps so you can read, in their words, how these liaisons come to pass and what it all means to them.